Standard Food & Beverage Agreement Between Chaat Party, Inc. and Customer


To provide and serve agreed upon menu(s) at Customer's event


Customer or their representative will be responsible for providing Chaat Party, Inc. with the following on the day of the event/service:

• Catering tables, linen and decorations laid out as mutually agreed between Chaat Party, Inc. and Customer

• All crockery and cutlery for the event needs as mutually agreed between Chaat Party, Inc. and Customer

• Access to a fully functional power outlet


A. Chaat party, Inc will charge for the catered food on a per person basis. In addition, there will be a charge for the onsite service and any service equipment and/or utensils as per invoice.

B. Chaat Party, Inc. will apply Insurance Paperwork Charges based on venue requirements. This will be specified on the invoice.

C. Chaat Party, Inc. will apply sales tax as applicable.

D. Chaat Party, Inc. will apply a gratuity to the taxable total. Gratuity will be mutually agreed in advance.

E. Any credit card payments will be charged an additional 3.5% credit card processing fee on the total amount paid by such card.

F. Event booking is not considered confirmed until a deposit is paid by the customer to Chaat Party, Inc. as per instructions provided by Chaat Party, Inc.

G. Balance amount due Chaat Party, Inc. from Customer will be determined following the event, based on actual number of persons served and/or other variable charges (i.e. minimums and labor guarantees / onsite charges). Such amount is payable by Customer upon receipt of final invoice from Chaat Party, Inc.

H. Chaat Party, Inc. reserves the right to require additional deposits resulting from Customer authorized additions to said Agreement.

I. The date and time of service may be changed only by agreement of both parties. Any additional expenses, arising from changes made at the Customer's request, will be paid by the Customer.

J. If service time / duration is extended with Customer consent, on the service date, additional charges will apply. Additional charges will be at the rate of $30 per hour per server chargeable in half hour increments.

K. Chaat Party, Inc. has mutually agreed with the Customer to provide helpers for the event. These helpers will be manning the Chaat Stations and ensuring all the food is laid-out and replenished expeditiously. Chaat Party, Inc. will not be providing any sit-down table service during the event.

L. Chaat Party, Inc. will not be responsible for handling any garbage at the event. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide adequate garbage disposal facilities for the event.


When charges are determined on a per person basis, a "Final Guaranteed Attendance" must be given to Chaat Party, Inc. no later than 12:00 noon on the date mutually agreed between Chaat Party, Inc. and Customer. If Customer does not provide the guaranteed attendance, in writing, by the required date, Chaat Party, Inc. will use the “Guaranteed Minimum Persons” from the original booking. Final Guaranteed Attendance needs to be greater or equal to the Guaranteed Minimum Attendance.

Chaat Party, Inc. will provide food quantities 10% above the final guaranteed minimum persons for that function to accommodate for last minute additions as contingency. Customer agrees to pay the greater of actual attendance or final guaranteed attendance.


Chaat Party, Inc. shall not be responsible for any losses resulting from nonfulfillment of any terms or provisions of this Agreement if Chaat Party, Inc. shall be delayed or prevented from performing in whole or in part because of war, riot, strike, flood or by any other act or occurrence not within the control of Chaat Party, Inc. which it could not prevent.


All deposits are fully refundable up to a month in advance of the service date. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Service date can be changed (subject to availability of Chaat Party, Inc.) up to 2 weeks prior and deposit applied to the new service date. 50% of Deposit will be forfeited in case of cancellation for any reason prior to 1 week of the service time. 100% of Deposit will be forfeited in case of cancellation for any reason within 1 week of the service time.  Any bank charges incurred for issuing the refund will be deducted from the refunded amount.

I/We agree to abide by this agreement and resolve to make a good faith effort to work out any disagreements through mutual dialog or arbitration before involving the courts.